I'm sure you have seen plenty of pictures of the Grand Canyon, with all its enormous-looking mountains and valleys, in shades of red and orange. But nothing can prepare you for the sheer size of this majestic landmark. You will need a few moments just to digest the grandness of the whole spectacle in front of you. There is no camera that can possibly envelop the enormous place or the different hues that color the peaks and valleys of the Canyon. It is definitely named "Grand" Canyon for a reason.
The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular natural wonders, which can be attributed to its captivating beauty of the ancient rock formations. The formation of this 5 billion-year-old wonder has been a long process and makes for a very interesting tale. The Grand Canyon was formed as the Colorado Plateau was uplifted through the years, as the River Colorado and its tributaries cut their channels through layer after layer of the rock. As you get closer to the Canyon you can see the intricacies of the ridges on the cliffs and mountains formed by water over time.
Though the Grand Canyon gets millions of visitors every year, most of them just stay enough to take a picture for the gram. But that is definitely not enough to discover how gorgeous this place is. As I mentioned before the Grand Canyon is a huge place. The Grand Canyon National Park consists of the North Rim and the South Rim. While the Grand Canyon West is just the West Rim which is not a part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The West Rim actually is home to the Hualapai native tribe and comes under their protection. With our Grand Canyon Tours, you can take your time to see these wonderful geological colors and erosional forms of the Grand Canyon.

Which Rim Is Better?

You might be wondering if there really is that much of a difference in between the different part of the Grand Canyon? The answer is yes! The South Rim and West Rim differ largely in terms of their unique rock formations and wildlife.

The South Rim

The South Rim
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is considered the jewel of Southwest America, hence attracting plenty of visitors. It is convenient to plan a trip to the South Rim as it is open all year round. The Grand Canyon National Park is a picturesque place from every view and angle. Here on the South Rim, the Canyon's rock walls are surrounded by the lush forests of Pendosa pines. This forest is home plenty of fauna like the elk, mule deer, mountain lions, rock squirrels, and California condors. Quite a few people prefer to go hiking or on picnics or other fun activities in the National Park. There are plenty of hiking trails, through which you can closely experience the Grand Canyon closely. The South Rim is also an absolute favorite among photographers who come to capture the beautiful wilderness of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon West Rim

There is so much to do at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. This part of the Grand Canyon is located the closest to Las Vegas and is easily reachable. Even though the West Rim is not as commercialized as the South Rim, it certainly does have its own charm attracting about a million people annually. As this area is less crowded than the others you can take your time to peacefully take in the sight of the Grand Canyon. You will see that the West Rim is more rugged and offers magnificent views of the naturally carved rock formations. Though the main attraction of the West Rim is the Skywalk Bridge, which is a glass walkway extending through the Canyon walls. You will be able to see a mile through the floor of this walkway. Another interesting fact about the West Rim is that its mostly managed by the native tribe and comes under the Hualapai Tribal Reservation.
West Rim

How To Get There

Now, this is the interesting part. Among the many ways to get to the Grand Canyon is a helicopter ride! You heard that right! You will get plenty of options with the helicopter ride starting in Las Vegas from Vegas.Expert. You can choose between early morning, late morning, afternoon or sunset flight from Las Vegas or Boulder City with our Grand Canyon Tours. The helicopter ride to the West Rim takes merely 45-mins from the city. You can check out the stunning views of the Strip as you fly over the city.
If helicopters are a little too adventurous for you, you can also visit the West Rim aboard an elite airplane. FLy like an executive on your flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim. On a Deluxe flight to the South Rim, you can enjoy a multi-perspective adventure. It's the most luxurious way to enjoy your visit to the Grand Canyon and everything it has to offer.
Not a fan of flying? Don't worry, we've got you! We also offer luxury bus tours running on land. This tour bus will start from Las Vegas running to the Grand Canyon West Rim and taking you to visit the other important points on the West Rim. You will be provided with all the facilities to make your bus ride comfortable including snacks and bottled water.

Grand Canyon Tours With Vegas.Expert

Here at Vegas.Expert, we have plenty of Grand Canyon tours, all tailored to help you make most of your Frand Canyon experience. Whether you want to visit the beautiful National Park in the South Rim or the rugged hills of the West Rim. You can choose your mode of transport be it a helicopter ride, and elite airplane or a luxury bus. From picnics in the Canyon, hikes through the National Park or a walk on the glass Skywalk, our tours include all of it. I have mentioned below the special advantages you can avail by booking of the many Grand Canyon tours with us at Vegas.Expert.
  • Descend 4000 feet to the floor of the Grand Canyon, below the WEst Rim and enjoy a champagne picnic.
  • You can select an additional 25-min helicopter ride over the Canyon and get a spectacular aerial view.
  • Walk out on the Skywalk and visit the Eagle Point, which is much revered by the native Hualapai tribe and the Guano point.
  • With one of our tours, you will enjoy a closer look at Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and extinct volcanoes as the helicopter takes you on a low-level flight over it.
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
  • In our Ultimate Grand Canyon Tour, you will enjoy a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, a cruise on River Colorado, extra time to explore the West Rim and an opportunity to view the 360-degree panoramic views from the Skywalk.
  • In our select Grand Canyon tours, we will take you deeper into the Grand Canyon than ever before where you will champagne and snacks waiting for you.
  • For the adventurers, we have a tour that includes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of white-water rafting for 40 miles in the Colorado River.
  • With our Grand Canyon South Rim tour, you can go hiking through the National Park and enjoy the stunning views it offers.
With all our special Grand Canyon Tours, we ensure that our customers are well taken care of. Our tours cater to every need of yours including food, water, and a comfortable journey to make sure you can make the most of your Grand Canyon Tour experience!

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