Though paying a visit to the Hoover Dam may not sound as interesting as visiting the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas, you should definitely give it a shot. Every person who has ever been to the Hoover Dam will tell you the same. Hoover Dam is actually one of the top-rated tourist attractions, visited by about 6 million tourists per year. It is located only 40 mins away from the city of Las Vegas and hence is easily accessible. A lot of helicopter tours starting from Las Vegas will take you to Hoover Dam along with the Grand Canyon.
The Hoover Dam sits perched on the Black Canyon holding back the brute force of the Colorado River. The dam actually lies on the border of two states - Nevada and Arizona. It was originally known as the Boulder Dam, built to prevent the continuous flooding caused by the Colorado River. This great feat of engineering was way ahead of its time when none of its construction techniques had ever been tested before. Here are a few more interesting facts about the Hoover Dam that will help you understand why it is considered to be a national historic landmark in the US-
  • The Hoover Dam was built during the Great Depression providing jobs for 5000 people and leading to the formation of the Boulder City.
  • Without any references, this enormous structure was entirely built by hands and finished in 5 years i.e. 2 years ahead of its given schedule.
  • The Hoover Dam is an arch-gravity dam, which is built to be thicker at the bottom (660 ft) and thinner on the top (45 ft)
  • The structure of the dam comprises of roughly 6.6 million tons of concrete.
  • The construction of the Hoover Dam led to the formation of Lake Mead, which is the largest man-made reservoir in the USA, today.
  • This engineering marvel provides hydro-electric power to Arizona, Nevada and California, including aiding irrigation in the nearby areas.
These are a few impressive feats of the Hoover Dam that definitely make it worth a visit. Still not impressed? Other than the Dam itself you can see plenty of other things here that might interest you.

Lake Mead

The scenic location of the Dam is one of the major reasons to visit it. Lake Mead that was created due to the construction of the Hoover Dam, draws a lot of attentions with its sparking blue waters. The lake is a popular recreation area where you can go fishing or boating or cruising on the pristine waters of the lake as you wish. Included in our tours you will definitely find a visit to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. I assure you that you will get plenty of pretty pictures while you enjoy the serene atmosphere of the lake and the mountains surrounding it.

Hoover Dam Memorial

The Hoover Dam Memorial was built in honor of the workers who lost their lives during the construction of this mammoth structure. Eighty years ago this Dam was built with the bare hands of these workers, who were actually paid according to how dangerous their job was. Out of the 10,000 people working on this dam about 100 workers lost their lives during the construction. This memorial was built to commemorate their efforts and hard work. Visitors can see the words "They died to make the desert bloom" inscribed on the memorial for these workers. Another intersting sight is the two bronze Winged Figures of the Republic on either side of the US Flag.

The State Borders

Have you ever wanted to be in 2 states at the same time? This is your chance. The Hoover Dam is actually built on the Nevada- Arizona state border. You can stand with each foot on either state, near the plaque that depicts the literal border between the two states. Now that will definitely make for an interesting story, right?

The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

This bypass bridge opened in 2010, is right across the Hoover Dam. Earlier the two-lane road over the dam was used for passing traffic. But the number of vehicles crossing daily became unmanageable and along with being a security risk. The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, the second-highest in the US, which now carries traffic between Nevada and Arizona on its four-lane highway. A short walk up to the 840 ft bridge will get you the most amazing views of the Hoover Dam with Lake Mead just behind. You can take plenty of pictures of this glorious sight at the plaza created for this exact purpose.

The Hoover Dam Tours

You will find the perfect way to explore the Hoover Dam is to take a tour. A tour will include all the sights that you have to see when you're visiting the Dam. With a guided tour from Vegas.Expert, you will be able to make the most of your Hoover Dam trip. With professional, local guides providing interesting information on all aspects of the Dam, along with a visit to the visitor center. At Vegas.Expert, we also provide comfortable transport and restaurant lunch included in the Hoover Dam tour. You will also get plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the various scenic views at the Dam. So pick a day tour to pay a special visit the Hoover Dam or include it in your Grand Canyon tour. Either way, this is one landmark of the US that you cannot miss out on.

Tips To Remember

  • As this area can be quite hot, remember to carry a water bottle with you to prevent getting dehydrated.
  • Cover your head with hats and carry sunglasses to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight.
  • Also, do not forget to carry your sun-block! This will protect you from any sun-strokes or tanning.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking around.
  • And don't forget to take plenty of pictures!

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