5 Best Memorable Wedding Venues In Vegas

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For a long time, Las Vegas has been popular for two main reasons – Gambling and Weddings. As much as Vegas is the “entertainment capital of the world” it is also renowned for quickie weddings. Plenty of couples choose to simply forego the traditional wedding rituals and elope to Vegas. There’s no need for stressful pre-planning for months, just pop by the chapel and get married. The ultimate freedom of choice is what attracts so many couples to get hitched here in Las Vegas.

The availability of abundant wedding chapels and a variety of themes unique only to Vegas, add to the appeal. You can’t really get Elvis to marry you anywhere other than Vegas. Vegas wedding venues consist of bizarre options like the Grand Canyon, in front of the Bellagio fountains, a hotel suite or even in the air! Did you know there are plenty of celebrities who have chosen to have Vegas weddings too? Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Ray Cyrus and more recently Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas!

Vegas is known as the wedding capital of the world for a reason, after all. There are over 80,000 marriage licenses issued annually in Vegas! That definitely counts for something, right? With no lack of options to pick from you might get confused about where exactly you should be married. There are many Vegas wedding packages offering the perfect wedding day for every couple. A lot of times these wedding packages include other bonus stuff like the wedding photographs, the wedding bouquet, etc. Here’s a list of some perfect Vegas wedding venues to make it easier for you to pick a venue for your special day.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

By now almost every chapel in Vegas offers Elvis-themed weddings. But the Graceland wedding chapel is where it all started way back in 1977. Graceland was the first wedding chapel in the world to have an Elvis-themed wedding. It is a charming place to get, which is the reason plenty of celebrities have also selected this place as their wedding venue. It is a very popular venue for weddings and vow renewals even today. They offer not just Elvis-themed weddings but also traditional wedding ceremonies as per your choice. The wedding package will also include fresh flowers and silk flowers for the venue, and limousine service. To help you keep the memories of your special day you will get digital photography, DVD recording technology, and ceremonies broadcasted over the internet.  You will be able to cherish your wedding in Las Vegas for your entire life. So get married at the OG Elvis-themed wedding place or opt for a traditional wedding, Graceland wedding chapel will take care of all your needs.

Little Vegas Chapel

Picking a wedding venue in Vegas can be quite difficult. There are so many points to consider like the size of the venue, the cost, the decor, the location, etc.  The Little Vegas Chapel offers everything you have dreamed of for your wedding day. This Las Vegas wedding chapel is one of the most beautiful wedding venues located conveniently on the Strip. Whether you want an Elvis-themed ceremony, a traditional wedding or renew your wedding vows; you will get it all here. They have the best wedding packages in Vegas, to provide wedding for every kind of couple. They also offer affordable wedding packages so that you can have your dream wedding without burning a hole in your pocket. Enjoy a flashy Elvis officiated wedding or a simple elegant affair at the Little Vegas chapel. What’s more, your wedding package will also include a silk bouquet and boutonniere along with plenty of pictures to treasure forever.

Paradise Wedding Chapel

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is known as “The Clean and Modern Chapel”. It has a sleek and modern look but will give you a warm and welcoming feel in spite of it. You will find wedding packages that suit just about any budget at the Paradise Wedding Chapel. They offer traditional wedding ceremonies, vow renewals and even commitment ceremonies at this chapel. As for Elvis, they’ve got him too! You can also enhance your wedding experience by customizing the wedding packages offered at the Paradise wedding chapel. They have arranged for add-ons in the wedding package to customize your Las Vegas Wedding Experience. This way you have the dream wedding of your choice in Vegas.

Drive Up Wedding

We’ve all been through drive-thru’s when the craving for junk food arises. Order a cheeseburger and some fries and your hunger is satisfied. That’s how it works usually, but only in Vegas will you find drive-thru not just for food but also for getting married! Forget the complete hassle of wedding planning or picking a venue for your Vegas Wedding. At the world-famous drive up wedding in Vegas, you can get married in a drive-thru. Not only is it the quickest way to get married, but you will also save a lot on this wedding. Simply hop in your car and drive up to the chapel. Get married immediately in the drive-thru. Don’t worry there will be plenty of professional photographs of you taken so that you can forever cherish your wedding memories. Ge this wedding package in an experience unique to Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon Wedding

Have you always wanted a destination wedding? But always avoided it as you couldn’t afford it or think it’s not worth the hassle? Or you just want a quick wedding which is something a destination wedding is definitely not? Worry not, we’ve got you. If a Las Vegas wedding is a little mainstream for you, head to the Red Rock Canyon. Located only 15 miles away from the city of Las Vegas is your chance to have a destination wedding. Grab your partner and go to the Red Rock Canyon and get hitched amidst the mystical surroundings of the Red Rock Canyon. It is the perfect place for an outdoor destination wedding. Say ‘I do’ amidst the beautiful red hills as you celebrate your special day.

A Las Vegas Wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your special day with your partner. The number of themed weddings and chapels offer you the opportunity to have your dream wedding. So pick your package and get hitched without further ado! Las Vegas will make your wedding day even more special.