A Day-Trip To Hoover Dam

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A visit to Hoover Dam can never go waste. There’s a long list of reasons why it’s such a favorite among tourists from all over America. The Hoover Dam is visited by a whopping 6 million people annually.

All these visitors will definitely tell you how interesting and fun their visit was. With an endless number of activities and interesting information offered at Hoover Dam, there’s never a dull moment.

The visitor center, the Powerplant tour, the Black Canyon, Lake Mead, etc. are all a part of our amazing Hoover Dam Tours. Join Vegas.Expert on this Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas.

Leave behind Sin City as you head to the marvelous man-made wonder that is the Hoover Dam. Learn and have some fun adventures along the way. The scenic location will be enough reason to book you Hoover Dam tour today.

Hoover Dam Tour With Lake Mead Cruise

Hoover Dam Tours

The Hoover Dam was built around 80 years ago, an engineering feat that was quite ahead of its time. It was an initiative that benefitted the area majorly. It provided work to 5000 workers during the Great Depression, stopped River Colorado from flooding, and it also led to the formation of Lake Mead. Today Hoover Dam supplies hydro-electricity to the three states of Nevada, California, and Arizona!

One could keep on extolling the merits of Hoover Dam to no end. It’s no wonder it is considered as such an iconic landmark of America. I’m sure after learning all this you have already started planning your trip to the Hoover Dam.

The ‘Hoover Dam Tour with Lake Mead Cruise’ is a full-day trip from Las Vegas. It would include a visit to the Hoover Dam where you will learn about the inner workings of the Dam along with your expert tour guide.
Through the Hoover Dam Discovery Tour, a trip to the Visitors center and a cruise on Lake Mead, you will learn tons of inserting stuff about Hoover Dam as you have fun along the way.

We have also included a bonus trip to the famous Ethel M Chocolate Factory on your way back to Las Vegas.

Tour Itinerary

  • Hoover Dam Tour Starts

After the morning pickup from your hotel in a luxury motor coach, you will head towards the start of your Hoover Dam Tour. As you arrive, you will be lead to the Theater Level, where you will receive the introduction to Hoover Dam. There are murals, maps, photos, and other displays to give you an overview of the Hoover Dam.

  • Hoover Dam Discovery Tour
Hoover Dam Tours

You will start the Hoover Dam Discovery Tour as you arrive, which includes exploring the various areas of the dam. Take an elevator 500 feet down into the Black Canyon to see the powerplant generators. As you walk the 250-foot-long tunnel you will view the 650-foot-long Nevada wing of the power plant and its eight huge generators.

  • Exhibit Gallery

This Hoover Dam Tour includes a visit to the Exhibit Gallery where you will learn much about the history and construction of Hoover Dam. Find out the natural history of the region as well as the construction of the dam. The working of Hoover Dam in the present day is also highlighted. The head to the Dam Overlook from where you can take in the wonderful views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and River Colorado.

  • Lake Mead Cruise

Descend the heights of Hoover Dam as you start towards Lake Mead for your cruise. This is the best part of the tour where you can enjoy full 90-minutes of cruising Lake Mead. Hop aboard the paddle-wheel steamboat – Desert Princess for your cruise. Enjoy your lunch amidst the beautiful surroundings of Lake Mead.

  • Visit Ethel M Chocolates Factory

On your way back to the city of Vegas you will get to visit the legendary Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Who’s going to say no to the free chocolate samples?

  • Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
Las Vegas Tours

The last bonus stop on this Hoover Dam Tour is at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Take as many pictures as you wish at this popular spot. It’s a photo opportunity you cannot miss.

Tours With Vegas.Expert

When you book your tour with Vegas.Expert, you will enjoy plenty of advantages. Our first priority is customer satisfaction which is why we make sure that all our services are up to the mark. You will receive the following perks when you book with Vegas.Expert –

  • Free hotel pickup and drop off.
  • Transport in a luxury motorcoach.
  • A driver who will entertain and provide facts about Hoover Dam.
  • Tour guide to accompany you and give information.
  • A 90-minute Lake Mead Cruise.
  • Bonus trips to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory.
  • Stop at the “Welcome To The Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.