A Memorable Red Rock Canyon Tour

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Did you know that one of Nevada’s finest natural wonders is located right near Las Vegas? Now you wouldn’t expect to go to Vegas and find such a beautiful place blessed with nature’s bounty. This is exactly what makes the Red Rock Canyon such a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

When you visit Las Vegas, make sure you plan a trip to the Red Rock Canyon. You will not regret it! With mountains and rock formations that are thousands of years old, along with winding trails through leading through it, there is so much to explore.

Under the endless blue skies, with amazing views offered by the Red Rock Canyon, you will forget the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. The 360-degree panoramic views of the Red Rock Canyon will only make
your day better.

How To Get Around

The Red Rock Canyon is Nevada’s very first conservation area, with miles upon miles of wonders to explore. I’m sure you would love to see all of its hills and valleys and the breathtaking views, but it cannot possibly be done in a day.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

The best way to get around the Red Rock Canyon is to take the 13-mile scenic route that runs through the Red Rock Canyon national conservation area. A ride through this circuit will take you along the best views, wherein you can enjoy the most of Red Rock Canyon.

 But, driving around in a car isn’t exactly how you can really experience the Red Rock Canyon. Feeling the fresh air and enjoying nature is best done out in the open. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting walking; although hiking at Red Rock Canyon is a great option. What you can try is the electric bike tours at the Red Rock Canyon. A super fun option, where you can ride around the canyon, enjoy the views and also get a healthy workout.

Electric Bike Tour of Red Rock Canyon

There is no better way to traverse the Red Rock Canyon, than on an electric bike. You get to take your bicycle along the wide bike lanes of the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Experience the fresh air and the natural surroundings of this wonderful place.

You don’t have to put in too much effort with this Specialized Turbo bike, that comes with special electric assist motor. That basically means you will only seem like you’re pedaling very hard, even if you are actually not. It’s an easy ride with the awesome electronics of the electric bike on this Red Rock Canyon tour.

This Red Rock Canyon electric bike tour has two options – a self-guided tour or a guided tour. On a self-guided tour, you will be given the electric bike along with a map and proper instructions on how to get around. You can choose to start from Summerlin or from the Red Rock Canyon itself.

With the guided tour, you will get a professional guide to take you around and help you with anything you need. Your guide will also provide you interesting information about the Red Rock Canyon. The guides are friendly and helpful; they will make sure you have lots of fun.

Perks Of This Red Rock Canyon Tour

When you book with Vegas.Expert, you will enjoy the best services on your tour.

Red Rock Canyon Tours
  • Hotel pickup and drop off from selected Las Vegas Hotels.
  • The Specialized Turbo bike, with pedal assist so that you don’t have to sweat it out in the Nevada weather.
  • A map to help you stay on the route, at Red Rock Canyon.
  • Bottled water is also included in this the Red Rock Canyon Tour.
  • A professional guide to assist you if you select the guided tour.

Highlights Of The Tour

To summarize, this is what the Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike tour will consist of –

  • A ride through the Red Rock Canyon on a Specialized Turbo e-bike.
  • A 4- hour electric bike tour on the 13-mile scenic route of the Red Rock Canyon.
  • You can select the bike speed with pedal-assist technology and hydraulic disc brakes.
  • If you choose the self-guided option, you can decide whether to start from – Summerlin or Red Rock Canyon.
  • Round-trip hotel transport from Vegas.Expert.

Book With Vegas.Expert

When you book your Red Rock Canyon tours with Vegas.Expert, you can be reassured of getting the best services. The Red Rock Canyon electric bike tour is a great option to enjoy your trip at the canyon. You can also select the Red Rock Canyon Scooter Tour if you are feeling more adventurous.

 If you wish to explore the canyon on foot, you can take advantage of our various Red Rock Canyon hiking tours too. Get a close glimpse at the intriguing rock formations and colors of the Red Rock Canyon.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place on your Las Vegas trip!