A Scooter Drive Around The Red Rock Canyon

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Did you know that located right next to the city of Las Vegas is a place of terrific natural beauty? One of the most scenic destinations of America – the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. 

Leave behind the chaos of the Las Vegas Strip and head for a refreshing break to the Red Rock Canyon. There are plenty of scenic red-colored mountains, canyons, cliffs, springs and valleys at the Red Rock Canyon. With so many places to discover and so many beautiful locations to see, the Red Rock Canyon is a highly recommended destination from Las Vegas.

Learn about the interesting history and unique geology of the place through the various Red Rock Canyon tours available on Vegas.Expert. The wonderful scenery the various geological formations are definitely worth a visit and also make for great pictures.

Explore Red Rock Canyon Tours

We have figured the best way for you to explore the Red Rock Canyon and have a lot of fun while doing so.  Vegas.Expert is offering Red Rock Scooter Tours, wherein you can tour the Red Rock Canyon park on a scooter! 

Sounds crazy right? But think about it, sightseeing will be so much more fun from a scooter. You can ride around the Red Rock Canyon as you enjoy the beautiful scenery, the wildlife, and flora of the Red Rock Canyon. 

When you tour in a car or a bus you are watching through an enclosed space. But with a scooter, you will be living every moment of your tour. Get the real feel of the desert air on the Red rock scooter tours. 

Scooter Tours of Red Rock Canyon

Riding on a scooter with the wind in your hair is the perfect way to experience the Red Rock Canyon. Forget all your worries and leave all your troubles, all you need to do is focus on your bike and have a super fun adventure in the Mojave Desert. The Red Rock Canyon Scooter Tour will take you on the 13-mile scenic road leading through the Red Rock Canyon. 

Don’t know how to ride a scooter? No worries, our experienced professionals will teach you how to in no time. With the wide roads and best guides, you will be driving a scooter around the Red Rock Canyon like a pro.

If you have always wanted to ride a scooter, this is the perfect opportunity. The place is right and you get free bike lessons too! If you know how to ride a bicycle,  you will be able to manage the scooter fairly easily. The Red Rock Scooter Tours will make your experience so much better than any regular tour.  

What To Expect In This Red Rock Canyon Scooter Tour

Red Rock Scooter Tours

You will be picked from your Las Vegas Hotel, for your Red Rock Canyon Scooter Tour.  The stunning views offered by the Red Rock Canyon will definitely leave you amazed. 

You will be trained by professionals to drive the scooter and soon you’ll be riding like a pro too. Then you set off on a drive around the Canyon. See the natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon and its unique rock formations, unlike anywhere in the world. Driving around the Red Rock Canyon on a scooter will only enhance your experience.  

You will also learn plenty about the history and geology of the REd Rick Canyon from a professional tour guide. This Red Rock Canyon Scooter Tour is planned in a way that you will have the utmost fun as well as learn plenty of interesting things about the Red Rock Canyon. 

So come along book with Vegas.Expert for the best drive around the Red Rock Canyon. Leave behind the Las Vegas Strip and enjoy this natural beauty. At Vegas.Expert, we offer plenty of Red Rock Canyon Tours so that you can enjoy this wonderful destination in any way you like. 

Tips To Remember – 

On this Red Rock Canyon Scooter Tour, you will have the most awesome experience. It’s a great tour, but there are some pointers that will prove helpful to you –

  • You do not need any previous experience in riding to book this tour, you will be given a lesson before the tour begins.
  • Choose the scooter tour only if you are comfortable riding the scooter, this way you will be able to have more fun.
  • If you can ride a bicycle, you already know the basic balance and you can easily drive the scooter.
  • The Red Rock Canyon is the best place to learn how to drive a scooter.
  • The professional instructor will teach you how to ride properly and make sure that you can do it.
  • You will only require a basic car drivers license for the scooter tour.

All things aside, this will be one of the best experiences in your life. And a great way to explore the Red Rock Canyon.