Adventurous Kayaking Tour Down The River Colorado

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Though Las Vegas is a city full of neon lights and revelry, not every person is cut out for it. The lights, sounds, and colorful chaos will only take you so far. There comes a time when we all need some respite from this into relatively peaceful and calming environs.

Luckily there are so many places near Vegas that can offer this. Any visitor coming to Las Vegas cannot miss out on the incredible wonder of nature, the Grand Canyon and it would be regrettable if you did not see the Hoover Dam.

Naturally, the Grand Canyon is one place that makes it everybody’s lists and with various Grand Canyon Tours catering to every type of customer, it becomes convenient too. But, the Hoover Dam is no less. With scenic surroundings, plenty of gorgeous viewpoints, and interesting things to learn, Hoover Dam makes your visit worth it.

Hoover Dam Tours

Now, there are plenty of Hoover Dam Tours wherein you will get to explore the Dam and even see its inner workings. Whether you want to take your time getting around Hoover Dam or cover it up in short, you will find the perfect Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas with the Vegas experts.

But if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous than a regular tour, you have come to the right place. Usually, when visiting places like the Hoover Dam, you get to see it from a singular perspective. We have something special that can be the solution for both these things.

Kayaking from Hoover Dam Colorado River Full Day Tour

Have you always wanted to try kayaking? Then this is your chance. Not only will you get to enjoy kayaking on River Colorado but you will also get to see the Hoover Dam from a completely different perspective. Enjoy the desert wildlife too from this unique point of view you will get on this Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam Tours

Explore the winding paths of the River Colorado on a kayak with this full-day tour. Kayaking for 12 miles down the river with stops at the most amazing places on the way will be the perfect way to enjoy your day away from Vegas. Learn about the history epic history of the Blck Canyon, soak in the hot springs and peek into the Emerald cave.

This Kayaking tour from Hoover Dam down the River Colorado is a great option in any season. In winter, paddling on the smooth, glassy surface of the water is very relaxing to paddle upon. Whereas in summer kayaking on the cool river water will keep all the summer heat away. Even the local wildlife cannot resist the allure of the cool waters.

Kayaking Tour Itinerary

In this incredible Kayaking tour from Hoover Dam, you will get to enjoy kayaking down the River Colorado like never before. Your tour will start from the Hoover Dam lodge in Boulder City. If you are positioned on the Las Vegas Strip, you can request for a pick up from your hotel. There are different launch times available in the morning which you can pick from.

As the tour starts you will meet your guide give you the life vest and then proceed to give you safety instructions and briefing for kayaking. As you head down to the Hoover Dam, you will enjoy some wonderful views. Once you reach your kayaking tour will start. Just launch your kayaks into the crystal clear River Colorado and you can set off.

Hoover Dam Tours

There are a few great stops planned on your kayaking tour including hot springs, caves, and beaches where you can swim or even sunbathe. It’s the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Experience the wonders of the Black Canyon and learn about its history from your knowledgeable guide.

The best part of the Black Canyon is the hot springs, where you unwind in a peaceful environment. The water far below the surface heats up and percolates up through the rocks to form these hot springs. Up next will be the Emerald Cave.

Hoover Dam Tours

The Emerald Cave is another highlight of this Hoover dam tour which can be accessed only by boat. As the sunlight reflects off the river bottom it lights up the entire cave in a brilliant shade of emerald green. The water glows only during a couple of hours each day between April and October when the sun’s rays can shoot down through the 700-foot walls of the canyon. Your kayaking tour will finish at the Willow Beach Marina where you can also visit the gift shop and buy souvenirs for your trip.

Tips To Remember

Here are a few helpful tips which will make your kayaking tour from Hoover Dam down the River Colorado even more enjoyable –

  • As this tour works in any season, make sure you dress according to the seasonal requirements.
  • Kayaking is a great outdoor activity that will definitely benefit your health. But make sure that you are physically fit enough to take part in this tour.
  • If you wish to be picked from your Las Vegas Hotel you can make a request beforehand for shuttle transport.
  • No need to worry about food or drinks as this tour includes snacks, water, and a delicious lunch too, with vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free options available.
  • Remember to take your camera along and get great pictures!

Book With Vegas.Expert

Book your kayaking tour from Hoover Dam with the Vegas experts itself. Enjoy incredible facilities and perks when you book your tour. This is the best tour if you are looking for some adventure in Vegas. So leave behind all your worries on the shore and float away from them on your kayak.