Enjoy A Unique Zipline Experience On The Strip

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On any regular day, you will find the Las Vegas Strip a hubbub of activity. Since all the best attractions and activities of Vegas are concentrated on this place it is bound to be so.

It’s quite clear that Sin City does not hold back when it comes to entertainment. There are always new things popping up in the city and it keeps getting better. The latest entertainment center is situated right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip is the Linq Promenade.

You will find plenty of options for open-air dining, shopping, entertainment, you name it! But, the highlight of the Linq Promenade is the High Roller. This 550-feet tall observation wheel has beat out all others as the tallest in the world.

One of the most amazing features of the Linq promenade is the Fly Linq Zipline. If you are looking for something more than the usual Vegas scene, then this is where you should be headed.

Fly Linq Zipline

Get ready for a thrilling Las Vegas experience as you try out the Fly Linq Zipline. The first and only zipline experience on the Las Vegas Strip will not disappoint.

Fly 12 stories above The Linq Promenade at an unbelievable speed. The Fly Linq Zipline has 10 side-by-side ziplines, which means it is capable of launching 10 riders at the same time.

Fly Linq Zipline

Start off this adrenaline-fueled and electrifying sky-high experience at the 114-foot tall launch tower at the Linq Hotel and Casino, located just off the Las Vegas Boulevard. As you take the elevator up to the launch tower, you can enjoy expansive views of the Strip from the Vortex.

You can ride solo or alongside your friends, you can fly seated or in superman style! Not only do you get to be on this adventurous ride but you also get to select among different options, making your experience more enjoyable.

The Fly Linq Zipline will make you scream and laugh as you zip eastward at the speed of 35 mph. You can ride the zip line Superman-style, flying in the way of the superhero itself. Or you can opt to ride the zipline seated if that seems more comfortable to you.

The ride doesn’t get over there though there is one more thrill left. What can be more exhilarating than trying a zipline? Ziplining backward of course! The Fly Linq Zipline also can take you backward in a seated or superhero position at a crazy speed.

As you soar over the cityscape of Las Vegas, you can enjoy panoramic views below you. You will fly across the open-air shopping and dining district of the Linq Promenade. Enjoy great views and a rush of adrenaline at the same time.

Fly Linq Zipline

You will be dropped off at the base of the Linq High Roller at the end of the Fly Linq Zipline. It’s a good opportunity to also catch a ride on the Linq High Roller observation wheel or Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck. You can upgrade and include this with your Fly Linq Zipline experience and make savings!

Since you will be in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip on the Linq Promenade, the fun will not end after the Fly Linq zip line ride. There are plenty of options on the Linq Promenade.

Enjoy a hearty meal at any one of the restaurants on The Linq, whether it is American comfort food at Hash House or mouth-watering Mexican cuisine at Chayo Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar.

Head to the Brooklyn Bowl to knock down some pins or get some shopping done at the variety of shops in the area. The Grand Bazaar is a great place to pick up some souvenirs and other stuff from Las Vegas.

Tips To Remember:

Before you get on the Fly Linq Zipline, here are a few tips that might prove useful.

  • Wear casual clothes, so that you will be comfortable.
  • Avoid wearing flip flops as they might fall off as you zipline.
  • You will be provided with a bag before you board the Fly Linq Zipline, make sure to out all your loose belongings in it.
  • The weight limit for the zipline is 60 – 300 lbs and you will be weighed before the ride.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Ride the Fly Linq Zipline with the Vegas experts for a smooth and hassle-free experience. The Fly Linq Zipline offers a unique experience as it is the only zipline on the Las Vegas Strip. The perfect option for thrill-seekers in Las Vegas and an opportunity nobody should miss.

The Fly Linq Zipline will take you on an exciting ride across the cityscape of Las Vegas. The Linq Promenade is one of the liveliest places on the Strip and you will find a variety of activities and sights to enjoy here.

So make sure you drop by The Linq on your Las Vegas trip to enjoy all the fun and adventure it has to offer!