Experience The Gorgeous Sunset At Red Rock Canyon

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“Peace is watching a sunset and knowing who to thank.”

Aren’t sunsets just beautiful? No wonder there are so many quotes and poems written about it.  A sunset is a promise of a new dawn, that this is not the ending. A new day will arrive soon and make things better. There are many things we can learn from nature.

What do you think is the best place to watch a sunset? A beach? A mountain-top? There really is no better place to watch this wonderful natural phenomenon than in the arms of nature.

Red Rock Canyon

One of the reasons why the Red Rock Canyon is so popular among the locals and tourists alike is the gorgeous sunsets. It offers the perfect setting for viewing the most incredible sunsets in the country.

Located only 25 miles away from Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a short ride. Residents of Sin City find themselves lucky to have such a beautiful spot of nature in their backyard itself. Quite often you’ll find these people heading out to the Red Rock Canyon for a relaxing day outdoors, away from the din of Sin City.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

Apart from being a treat to the eyes, there are plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed here. From hiking on the Red Rock Canyon trails to exploring the nooks and crannies of the place.

There are plenty of Red Rock Canyon Tours available for tourists to learn more and discover the Canyon. You’ll find electric bike tours, scooter tours, hiking tours and if you are not the adventure type you can enjoy the special luxury tours too! We believe that everyone should be able to experience the Red Rock Canyon in any way they wish.

VIP Small Group Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour

This Red Rock Canyon Tour is truly a special one, which why it is named the VIP Red Rock Canyon Tour. Enjoy a special side of the Red Rock Canyon, like never before.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is known for the undulating hills and valleys, wide plains with unique desert vegetation, winding trails leading you through the mountains and so much more. The unique landscape is made of a series of sandstone formations that lie beneath the older limestone formations.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

This incredible occurrence is a result of various activities of plates underneath the earth’s surface. On this Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour, you will all about it and more from your professional tour guide.

The dramatic landscape of the Red Rock Canyon makes it the perfect spot for viewing sunsets. See the shades of the rock formations varying between red to orange to brown on this Red Rock Canyon Tour.

This Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour also includes a guided walking tour around the place. Follow your guide along the beautiful Red Rock Canyon trails and discover the wonders up close by yourself.

You can even take a relaxing drive around the Red Rock Canyon on the 13-mile scenic route. Stop at the main points and learn interesting facts about the area. You will get so many opportunities to take great pictures too! With such beautiful surroundings, that’s a given.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

Hike to the peak at the Red Rock Canyon and wait for the sun to drop below the horizon. As the sun sets, the light reflecting on the colored rocks makes for an incredibly beautiful scene, difficult to catch even on the camera.

It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones watching the sunset, and bond with friends or your beloved. Head to the Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour, for an experience you will never forget.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Book your Red Rock Canyon Tours with the Vegas experts to have the best experience. You will enjoy the best of facilities when you book with us. This Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour includes pick up and drop off from your Las Vegas Hotel, which makes your travel more convenient. You will have unlimited water on your tour too!

A professional guide will accompany you on the Red Rock Canyon Sunset Tour, the guide will take you to all the important points of the Red Rock Canyon Tour as well as tell you interesting facts about it. This tour will be enjoyable and informative at the same time.

Enjoy a gorgeous sunset view with the backdrop of the rugged landscape of Red Rock Canyon. Don’t miss this chance to relax in the outdoors away from the neon lights of Las Vegas. You don’t even need to thank us!