Explore The Red Rock Canyon At Its Best

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It is easy to forget the rest of the world when you are in Vegas. The party never stops in Vegas, so why would you? It’s Vegas, that’s the whole purpose of it, right? But if you ever need a little refreshing break from all the Vegas craziness, we have just the place for you.

Located only 15 miles away from the city of Vegas is a nature lover’s paradise – Red Rock Canyon. With stunning scenery, red sandstone cliffs, petrified sand dunes, this place is perfect for a one-day trip from Vegas. It is so close to the city that you can see it from some points in the city.

An easy trip from Vegas, with beautiful surroundings, the Red Rock Canyon is a great place to learn more about wildlife and geology. Whether you just want to relax or get some workout, the Red Rock Canyon will cater to all your needs. There are plenty of trails for hiking and even mountain climbing. With Vegas.Expert book your Red Rock Canyon Tour for the best experience.

Red Rock Canyon Luxury Tour Trekker Experience

Hop aboard the luxurious tour trekker as you head towards the Red Rock Canyon. Not only will it make your journey swifter, but it will also be the most comfortable travel experience you’d ever have. It is just one of the perks of booking with Vegas.Expert.

In this half-day tour, you will be provided with a nature guide to inform you about everything you need to know on this Red Rock Canyon Tour. The Red Rock Canyon has a very interesting history and the geological formations are worth seeing.

The land formations at the Red Rock Canyon are a part of a 65-million-year-old Keystone Thrust. In this Red Rock Canyon Tour, you will get to visit different places like the Calico Hills, Wilson Cliffs, the ancient sand dunes, and even cover the 13-mile scenic drive through the Red Rock Canyon.

The Red Rock Canyon is such a splendid location that it has also been used as a set for various films and commercials. The landscape of Red Rock Canyon is enough to keep you captivated with the bright colored Calico Hills, the ancient fossilized sand dunes. Explore the Red Rock Canyon with Vegas.Expert.

What To Expect

On this Red Rock Canyon Tour from Las Vegas, you can expect this natural beauty at its best. The itinerary of this Red Rock Canyon Tour is as follows –

·      The tour will start with a hotel pickup from any of the Las Vegas hotels included in your Red Rock Canyon Tour from Las Vegas.

·      The luxury tour trekker will escort you to the Red Rock Canyon in a comfortable mode.

·      Your professional nature guide will tell you all about the Red Rock Canyon, its history and unique geology.

·      During the 13-mile scenic drive through the Red Rock Canyon you will get a look at the Wilson cliffs.

·      All of the unusual geological features of the Red Rock Canyon like the fossilized sand dunes of Calico Hills will be seen.

·      At the end of the tour are the Calico Hills which are quite intriguing. These rock formations are ancient sand dunes with fossils of animals and plants preserved within their layers.

·      You will be dropped off back at your hotel in Vegas as the tour ends.

When you book your tour with Vegas.Expert you will have the best facilities available on tours. An air-conditioned and comfortable mode of transport, hotel pickup and drop off, bottled water and a professional tour guide for your tour. Book your Red Rock Canyon Tour from Las Vegas with Vegas.Expert and make the most of your experience.