Foodies Get Ready To Hit Las Vegas!

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There are a number of reasons why people like to travel. It could be for sightseeing and discovering new places, adventure, relaxation or even food!  Everyone is looking for something different.

When it comes to a touristy city like Las Vegas, there is a whole of variety for sure. You can expect to find all the reasons to travel leading you to Vegas. No wonder there were 42.12 million visitors to the Sin City in the last year alone.

People travel to Las Vegas for a fun weekend of partying or to relax in the luxurious resorts or to go see the various attractions of the city. But one thing you absolutely should not miss in Las Vegas is the food!

Las Vegas Food Tours

It is usually said that the best way to learn about the history and culture of any place is through their food. This is exactly why food tours are such a great option to learn more about Vegas.

Just like everything else in Las Vegas, the food scene is also too good to be true. The Las Vegas Strip, rightly known as the heart of the city holds the best of everything in Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip Tours

Nowhere in the world will you find world-class cuisines all in one place! The Las Vegas food scene is so incredible that the city boasts of more than 20 celebrity chef restaurants!

Try different types of cuisines from all around the world without even leaving the Las Vegas Strip. Feast like a king as you dine at upscale restaurants as well as local eateries.

The best food tour Las Vegas is brought to you by the Vegas experts. It’s a combination of Las Vegas Strip walking tours with delightful culinary experiences. Vegas has to offer Italian, Chinese, English and many more foods from different countries.

Evening Walking Food Tour on the Las Vegas Strip

A walking food tour is a perfect way to experience the city as well as the food. It is a culmination of the best sights in Vegas with the best eateries. Tick off all the must-do’s off your list with this Las Vegas Strip food tour.

To learn more about the city is to live like the locals, have an authentic experience. The locals obviously have the best knowledge about where to go and what to eat, following their lead we will take you to the best restaurants and eateries on the Las Vegas Strip.

It is well-known that the world-famous resorts and hotels lie on the Las Vegas Strip. This is where you will get to try the finest food items and signature dishes of Las Vegas. And at the same time, the walking around will help you make space for more food!

The Tour Includes :

Your foodie tour will begin at The Cosmopolitan along with a local foodie guide to make sure you get the best. As the trendiest place on the Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan promises a lot. Visit the eateries and hidden spots with classic delicacies and learn some fun facts about the hotel.

Next on the Las Vegas Food tour is the Bellagio, where you will not only get mouth-watering food but also see some of Vegas’ top attractions. The Bellagio alone offers so many beautiful sights starting with the Fiori di Como, the glass ceiling at the Bellagio lobby. The Bellagio flower garden is a colorful kaleidoscope whereas the Bellagio fountains are a famous Vegas treat. So many picture opportunities in a single place!

This next stop is an absolute favorite amongst the visitors. The Grand Bazaar located right across the street is an outdoor shopping mall. With plenty of places to eat, drink and shop too! As a local favorite, you will find a lot of things to like here.

This one is a unique place you would never expect to find in a city like Las Vegas. Flamingo, the oldest hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip offers amazing food to all the foodies on this Las Vegas food tour. This incredible place houses flamingoes and other exotic bird species, turtles and large fish. It is truly a calming atmosphere, and of course, you get to take the best photos.

Last but not least is The Linq Promenade, a hub of entertainment, food, and fun. This outdoor red-brick promenade lined with palm trees is the perfect place to get the true taste of Las Vegas. The Linq High Roller, the world’s largest observation wheel and the Linq zipline are located right here too. Enjoy treats and delights like the cupcake vending machine, as your foodie adventure comes to a close.

Las Vegas Strip Tours

Why You Should Try This Food Tour

Food is the main part of any vacation. Trying out the local cafes and restaurants is a must, especially to learn more about that destination. In a place like Las Vegas, you can expect to find a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants.

It can be really confusing about which place to pick or which are the best places to eat from. Usually, we would all like to try as many dining experiences as we can. This is exactly where the food tours Las Vegas Strip come in.

With these tasting tours, you don’t have to worry about where to eat. These tours are curated to give you the best experience of Vegas food culture. Eat at 4 -5 restaurants in a day and try the ones which weren’t on your list.

Book With Vegas.Expert

This food tour of the Las Vegas Strip is much more than just a food tour. With Vegas experts arranging all the tour details so you can the best experience food in Las Vegas.

Learn more about the history of Las Vegas and visit all of its must-see attractions as you walk from one food stop to the next.  Have a foodie-tastic vacation that will satisfy all your gastronomical dreams. Your local food guide will make your experience personalized.

Las Vegas Food Tours

Food is the center of all social situations, whether you are meeting friends, family or colleagues. Because who doesn’t love to eat? This Las Vegas food tour is also a great opportunity to bind and make new friends. so much to get out of just one Las Vegas Strip tour!

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