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Thinking of visiting Las Vegas? I’m sure you have already made a list of all the awesome places you want to visit in and around Vegas. And we all know how much Las Vegas has to offer to every type of vacationer.

Though with so many places around you probably won’t have time to visit them all. If you cannot make it to the incredible places like Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, don’t worry there is still someplace you can make up for it.

I’m talking about the Red Rock Canyon. A beautiful spot for vacationers to take a break from the bright lights and casinos of the Las Vegas Strip.  You will find adventure, nature, and fun all in one place.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

Red Rock Canyon is truly a blessing to the locals and vacationers of Las Vegas alike. It is only a short journey from the city and holds so much potential for fun!

The Red Rock Canyon covers a large part of the Mojave Desert, offering plenty of space for activities. Spend your day with a picnic or exploring the area or even sweating it out.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

Explore the Red Rock Canyon through multiple options like scooter tours, electric bike tours, horseback riding, and more. If you are looking for something more energetic you can opt for hiking or mountain biking. You can easily find all these options with the Vegas experts.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is known for its historical and geological features. There are undulating hills and mountains with rock formations of red-colored Aztec sandstones. The springs and dales and valleys that make it a very picturesque location to visit.

Red Rock Canyon – Hiking and Professional Photo Shoot

This Red Rock Canyon tour is designed especially for hiking lovers. With only a small group in a single tour you will enjoy a more intimate experience. The best part is you get splendid pictures from the professional photoshoot.

With a moderate level of fitness and stamina, you are ready to take on this Red Rock Canyon tour. You will cover all the interesting points at the Red Rock Canyon from the 13-mile scenic drive to the Petroglyph Trail.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

Everyone loves taking pictures especially when it comes to visiting a beautiful destination like the Red Rock Canyon. But it can turn out to be quite a hassle on tours; you might want to wait up to take pictures while the others may head on or the other way. Or the pictures may not turn out the way you want.

But with the professional photoshoot that is a part of the Red Rock Canyon tour you can forget all of that. A photographer accompanying your tour group will take amazing pictures at all the viewpoints with everyone!

The Red Rock Canyon Hiking and Professional Photo Shoot tour will start with pickup from your Las Vegas hotel. As you reach the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area take your first souvenir photo with the Red Rock Canyon sign.

Thereon enter the 13-mile scenic loop drive for panoramic views of the whole area of the Mojave Desert covered by the Red Rock Canyon. If you are short on time this is the perfect way to get a glimpse of the Red Rock Canyon. Explore the highs and lows along with many great viewpoints on the way.

Head to the Visitor Center to learn everything about the Red Rock Canyon including its history, geology, and biology. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits depicting plant life throughout the canyon. You will also get to see live Desert Tortoise habitat at the Visitors Center. It’s the place where you will learn plenty about the Red Rock Canyon.

You will take a minor walk to the Moenkopi Loop Trail, one of the best hiking trails at the Red Rock Canyon. This open country trail starts at the Visitors Center and there are connecting trails to the Calico Hills, your next destination. It’s an easy 2-mile loop of the Red Rock Canyon hiking tour.

Take a picture of the scenic Calico Hills after which you some free get time. Take our time to explore the Calico Hills, a collection of sandstones in vibrant shades of red-orange. At this height, you will get to see some gorgeous surrounding views of the Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

After this, your true Red Rock Canyon hiking tour will start from the Calico Tanks Trail. This trail is one of the most popular Red Rock Canyon trails for hiking. As you follow the trail you will get to see both yellow and res colored sandstone up the Canyon. It runs up the side of a canyon and sandstone rock terraces, going on for 2.5 miles with an elevation of 420 ft. Finally, it ends at a large natural water tank and stunning views of Las Vegas all year round.

Head to the High Point Overlook it is a great spot for taking pictures after which you can finally rest at Willow Springs. You will enjoy a delicious lunch at the Willow Springs Picnic Area. The last part of your Red Rock Canyon hiking tour with photoshoot begins after lunch.

The Petroglyph Wall Trail is only 0.15 miles long but can be considered the most interesting part of the Red Rock Canyon. The rock formations on this trail feature art forms of historic interest. Created by the Native tribes in the ancient days, these carvings on the rock are supposed to be at least 800 years old.

Throughout the tour, you will get great pictures to serve as amazing memories of your Red Rock Canyon tour. The friendly guide will keep you informed about all the historical and geological facets of the Red Rock Canyon.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Red Rock Canyon Tours usually offer plenty of options like hiking, electric bike tours, scooter tours and more. But with this Red Rock Canyon hiking tour, you will get a professional photoshoot to get the perfect pictures you have always dreamed of. Not even with the Red Rock Canyon photo tour will you get such an opportunity. Get those pictures for your social media posts and wow everyone!

 Book your Red Rock Canyon hiking tour with a photoshoot with the Vegas experts to enjoy the best of all. With Las Vegas hotel pickup, lunch and a knowledgeable guide included in your Red Rock Canyon tour, there’s nothing more you could ask for. It’s the perfect combination of history, geology, picturesque views and lots of fun!

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