Horseback Riding Tour To Explore Vegas

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If you have read my other blogs, you may know by now what all Las Vegas has to offer. From the vibrant city life with clubs and casinos to the rustic style activities like horseback riding, you can enjoy all.

Staying in Las Vegas you will only see the glamorous side of Nevada. But there is much more to it than just the lights and hubbub of city life. The Mojave Desert outlining the city of Las Vegas gives an opportunity to enjoy different aspects of Nevada.

The Red Rock Canyon is also a part of the Mojave Desert, it is a great spot to enjoy nature’s bounty as well take part in activities like hiking, mountain biking and more.  You can try your hand at the outdoor shooting range and ATV tours as well.

horseback riding Las Vegas

It seems quite impossible that you could find something like that near Las Vegas right? But it is all quite possible. In fact, there is something you will enjoy even more in the Desert that is horseback riding!

Explore the different side of Vegas with a trip to the natural, rugged landscape on horseback. There is no better to enjoy the scenic views around than riding down the desert trails paved by the Native Indians once upon a time.

Las Vegas Horseback Ride with Meal

With this Horseback riding Las Vegas tour you will journey into the Wild Western days of old. Enjoy the authentic Wild West experience right here in Las Vegas. Hop on the horseback and ride around for 1.5 hours as you discover the secrets of the desert.

You can pick between a breakfast or dinner ride as you like. The Desert gets really hot in the afternoon which is why these are the two options offered. There will be an extensive food menu depending on which Horseback riding tour you select.

A knowledgeable driver, professional wranglers, and experienced riders will accompany you on this horseback riding Las Vegas tour. You will be in safe hands and as comfortable as can be on a horseback riding through the desert.

Horseback Riding Tour Itinerary

You will start off from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip the driver will take you to the departure point for this Las Vegas tour. The driver will keep you entertained throughout this 30-60 minute ride through the city.

When you reach the venue you will really feel like you have stepped back in time. The wranglers will pair you up with the perfect horse for your ride. The horses are quite friendly so you needn’t worry about anything.

As you ride through the Southern Nevada Desert you will be following the same trails as the most infamous outlaws of American West. You will feel like you are part of a western adventure or a Hollywood movie. The picturesque surroundings will ensure that your trail ride is better than ever.

horseback riding Las Vegas

 The Desert area is surrounded by mountains; the rolling landscape runs as far as the eye can see. There will be plenty of Joshua trees about as you ride down the trail on your horse. Try to spot desert wildlife like bighorn sheep, roadrunners, and jackrabbits.

For the early morning horseback riding tour you can enjoy the ride with crisp morning air and wonderful views. With the sunset tour, you will get to see the gorgeous sunset in the desert, which lights up the desert landscape in various colors.

If you select the morning horseback riding Las Vegas tour you can expect a sumptuous breakfast waiting for you after the ride. An authentic western-style breakfast will include pancakes, your choice of bacon, sausage or ham, hash browns, eggs, toast. Finish up with coffee and orange juice!

If you select the sunset horseback riding Las Vegas tour, you will get to enjoy an incredible dinner spread after the ride. The dinner will be served in the country-style ranch house with your choice of chicken or steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, rolls and a slice of delicious American apple pie.

End your Las Vegas horseback riding tour with mouth-watering food that will satisfy your appetite after the horseback ride. Enjoy the views and surroundings even as you eat.

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