Mountain Biking At The Red Rock Canyon

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Staying healthy is an important part of every person’s lifestyle.  But, it is easy to forget about it during vacations. That is obvious given vacations are meant for fun and nobody wants to restrict themselves during these times. So the healthy food and workouts usually take a back seat.

This gets even more difficult when you plan a vacation to Las Vegas. Who would like to think of workouts and eating healthy in Sin City? No one. And with so many desirable options for entertainment and food, it’s hard not to indulge.

Lucky for you, among those plenty of Vegas activities you will find a few that can help you stay on the healthy track!  After all, there has to be a way the residents of Vegas can get some exercise too right?

Red Rock Canyon

Situated only at a distance of 15 miles from the city of Vegas. It is like a large backyard of Las Vegas where residents can enjoy recreational as well as physical activities.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

There are plenty of options available with the Red Rock Canyon Tours for you from the Vegas experts. Whether you want to go exploring through the area or take advantage of the rugged terrain.

There are luxury tours, scooter tours, car tours and more to help you discover the wonderful landscape of the Red Rock Canyon. There are also electric bike tours where you have to put minimal effort while you ride around the Red Rock Canyon. 

But if you are looking to work off some sweat while on vacation, the Red Rock Canyon is a perfect choice. There are plenty for trails all over the place for hiking and cycling around! 

If you have always wanted to give mountain biking a try head to the Red Rock Canyon. Try out this new experience with a specially curated tour from the Vegas experts. 

Guided Mountain Bike Tour of Mustang Trail

That’s right, the Red Rock Canyon also has a trail for mountain biking! There is so much to enjoy here with the gorgeous landscape, the desert vegetation, the interesting history and geology of the rocks, and the mountain bikes.

Visit the Red Rock Canyon and take part in this adventure, with the red rock canyon mountain bike tours. If you love mountain biking you should definitely drop by. But, in case you haven’t tried this before you needn’t worry. This tour is just the right thing for beginners too. 

You have the option of taking a morning or afternoon tour. Either way, this will only be a half-day trip, but full of fun. Your Red Rock Canyon mountain bike tour will start with pick up from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Though this option is only available with New York New York, The Mirage or Red Rock Resort hotel.

Head to the Red Rock Canyon where you will meet your guide for this mountain bike tour. Just strap on your helmet and grab your water bottle, both of which are included in the Red Rock Canyon mountain bike tours. 

Red Rock Canyon Tours

Choose from the best of best mountain bikes on this tour. Your options are between a Specialized Stumpjumper, the Santa Cruz Hightower or Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon. With these kinds of mountain bikes, no trail could hold you back. Start your tour cycling along the Mustang Trail at the Red Rock Canyon with your full suspension bike.

The Mustang Trail is a single-track path, great to get introduced to the field of mountain biking. It has been described as challenging enough that you will have fun but at the same time you will feel safe and in control. 

This Red Rock Canyon mountain biking tour will be a total of 7 -12 miles. It will start with a 1-mile ascent followed by 2 miles on descent till the foothills of Black Velvet. Throughout the whole tour, you will be able to keep up the rapid pace of your bike due to the easy ups and downs. 

Red Rock Canyon Tours

It is definitely a great way to start up with mountain biking on the Mustang Trail. If you are feeling very adventurous you can extend your trail ride for more difficulty levels. 

The Red Rock Canyon national conservation park offers beautiful views as you cycle along the Mustang trail. Your guide will be alongside the whole tour keeping you on the path and pointing out the right spots. The guide is well-versed with the trail, so you can follow him with no worries.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Some outdoor action on your Las Vegas trip is exactly what you’ll need. And this Red Rock Canyon offers exactly that! A healthy workout along with jaw-dropping views, sounds motivating enough? That is how a vacation workout should be.

Book your Red Rock Canyon mountain bike tours with Vegas experts to make the best of your trip to Vegas. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime on a mountain bike. This Red Rock Canyon tour includes pickup from selected hotels, all equipment like the bike and helmet, bottled water and even a guide. 

There is no doubt that this will be one trip to remember. Away from the lights of the Las Vegas Strip, you will discover a completely different world. Head to Red Rock Canyon and sweat it out like a pro. 

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