Embark On A Hoover Dam Adventure Trail

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Hoover Dam is a natural stop on a Las Vegas trip. This man-made wonder and engineering marvel is a renowned landmark in America. With beautiful views surrounding the dam, it’s no surprise how popular it remains even today.

The construction of Hoover Dam began around 80 years ago and makes for a quite interesting tale. It began during the Great Depression and was an almost impossible task to achieve. Yet it was finished 2 years before the due date.

Hoover Dam Tours

Hoover Dam Tours are quite popular as there is plenty to learn as well as enjoy. Usually, Hoover Dam Tours begin from Las Vegas and offer different transport options. Tourists enjoy these tours in comfort with great views and much to see at Hoover Dam.

But that is the usual way, if you are looking for something more exciting and fun then read ahead. You will not only have fun but also enjoy some amazing views, explore unknown paths and get a little workout too!

Mountain Biking Las Vegas Tour

 This is a Hoover Dam tour itself, but in a more unique way than ever. You get to mountain bike through the historical tunnel trail to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas. Experience the bike paths leading you to Hoover Dam full of panoramic views of Lake Mead.

On this full-day eco-tour is an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful landscape as you head down to Hoover Dam. This mountain biking Las Vegas tour will take you to Hoover Dam through a leisurely downhill trail from Boulder City. This historic tunnel trail was used during the period of construction of the dam.

Mountain Biking Las Vegas

This trail was used for transporting bricks during the construction of the dam. Due to this the trail does not consist of a paved road, but is a combination of wide pavement and packed dirt, it is simple all the same.

The historic tunnel trail will lead you through no less than 5 tunnels railroad before you reach the Hoover Dam. It’s a great chance for adventurers to explore the history of Nevada as well as enjoy a different route from the usual one taken for the Hoover Dam tours.

Mountain Biking Tour Itinerary

Following the pickup from your Las Vegas hotel, you will head to Boulder City from where the mountain biking Las Vegas tour to Hoover Dam will start. The River Mountain Trailhead in Boulder City is the starting point where you will meet your guide for the tour.

This mountain biking Las Vegas tour includes all the necessary biking and safety equipment. Once you’re fitted with the equipment and given a safety briefing you can hop on your bike for a day of adventurous biking.

This historic tunnel trail mostly goes downhill and is an easy ride even for beginners. As you head down the trail your guide will point out all the local desert wildlife, plants and scenic viewpoints. There is always a scheduled stop at Hemenway Park to spot the famous Bighorn Sheep.

Mountain Biking Las Vegas

As you continue down the trail towards Lake Mead on your bike you will enjoy some wonderful and unique views of Lake Mead. Here the path will leave neighborhoods and head off into the Mojave Desert.

A stop at the Lake Mead Visitors Center is included in this mountain biking Las Vegas tour. Also called the Alan Bible Visitor Center, it’s a perfect spot to take a break. On hotter days, you can even take a dip into the lake!

After this, the next stop is straight at Hoover Dam. Riding along the railroad tunnel trail from the Lake Mead you will enjoy some stunning views. The specialty of this mountain biking Las Vegas tour is the five tunnels you will ride through on your way.

Hoover Dam Tours

Once you reach Hoover Dam, you will plenty of time to explore this engineering marvel. Drop by the Visitors Center and learn more about the construction and history of Hoover Dam. Take a walk around this incredible structure and enjoy views of the gushing River Colorado. You can even upgrade to the Discovery tour if you wish!

Once you’ve had your fill of the Hoover Dam and the gorgeous surrounding views, get ready to enjoy a picnic lunch. After finishing up with the eating and packing up all the biking gear you are set to head back.

With this mountain biking Las Vegas tour you will head back to the city directly in the appointed vehicle so that you can relax after a tiring day. Though there will be a brief stop at Boulder City to shop souvenirs and such. The tour will end with a drop off to your Las Vegas Strip hotel.

Highlights Of The Tour

  • This mountain biking Las Vegas tour gives you the unique opportunity to discover the historic tunnel trail of Nevada.
  • The Mountain biking adventure is a great way to enjoy the unique vistas of Lake Mead and the Mojave Desert.
  • All the biking gear, safety equipment, picnic lunch, and bottled water is included in this mountain biking Las Vegas tour.
  • Complimentary pick up and drop off from your Las Vegas are also included.
  • Explore the historic tunnel trail consisting of five tunnels used to transport concrete during construction of the dam.
  • Visit the Alan Bible Visitor Center and the Hoover Dam Visitor Center to learn more about the dam construction.

Book with Vegas.Expert

You can be assured to enjoy the best quality tours when you book with the Vegas experts. This mountain biking Las Vegas tour consists of all necessary equipment required by the customers, as we put the safety before anything else.

For this mountain biking Las Vegas tour the minimum age is 14 years. It’s a fun and adventurous tour arranged especially so that everyone can enjoy a different side of Nevada.

Remember to wear closed-toe shoes for mountain biking and carry your camera too. There will be plenty of photo ops along the way to Hoover Dam. This will be one adventure in Las Vegas you will not forget!