Shoot Your Lucky Shot In Las Vegas

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Planning a trip to Las Vegas? You might have already made a list of all the things you’re going to do and the new things you will try. We all know Vegas has so much to offer, there’ll be no end to that list.

If you have done your research right you will find that Vegas is so much more than just partying and gambling. There are many adventure activities you can try in Vegas like ziplines, skydiving, etc.

When you leave the Las Vegas Strip you will see even more of these activities as you head towards the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon. There are plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for mountain climbing plus other fun activities too.

But there’s adventures and then there’s adventures. What I mean is that there are different types of people who find thrills in different activities. So an adventure for one simply won’t be the same for another.

But there’s one Vegas experience that you will never forget. An activity to give you the thrills like no other. The Vegas Gun Ranges. You will be surprised to know that shooting guns is one of Vegas’ most popular tourist activities. It’s an opportunity you cannot miss out on.

Las Vegas Gun Range Packages

Las Vegas Gun Range Packages

Add a bang to your Vegas vacation with the gun range experience Las Vegas. There’s no better place to enjoy this crazy event other than Vegas. You can pretend to be a high-class spy like Bond 007 or a sniper like Chris Kyle. With a wide range of guns and ammunition, you can be whoever you want in the firing range.

Pick the “3- or 4-Gun Shooting Experience in Las Vegas”, in this package you will have the option of picking between the number of guns you want to try. With a mind-blowing collection of guns including full-automatics, semi-automatics, and handguns such as M4, AK47, MP, UZI, Vector, Commando, etc. you will definitely have a hard time choosing.

With an umpteen choice of guns, a professional instructor and all the necessary equipment we will make you Las Vegas Gun shooting experience totally worth it. This package is definitely one of our best Vegas gun range shooting packages.

3-Gun Package

This Vegas gun range shooting packages is a favorite among history buffs and gamers. You will have access to the most popular guns we have, and you also get to choose what you shoot! You can choose among any three firearms to shoot from this amazing selection:

  • M4
  • AK47
  • MP5
  • Kriss Vector
  • ACR
  • M9
  • Glock 17
  • 1911
  • Pistol Grip Shotgun

4-Gun Package

With this package, you will get access not three but four of the most popular and world-renowned weapons. This is one of the favorites among our Vegas gun range shooting packages. Select between any four of these popular guns to shoot from this selection:

  • UZI
  • Kriss Vector
  • Colt Commando
  • Sniper Rifle
  • S&W 500
  • RPK,
  • P30,
  • ACR,
  • M2
  • Pistol Grip Shotgun.

Each of the weapons included in this list are leaders in their field. So get ready for a day of pulse-pounding, bone-shaking firepower out on our exclusive, ultra-premium gun range.

Maybe you can start off with something reasonable, like the Raging Judge. This way you will get a feel of the range and warm up before you take on the big guns. After that, it’s all up to you.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Book this “3- or 4-Gun Shooting Experience in Las Vegas” with Vegas.Expert for the best Vegas gun range shooting experience. With the best indoor shooting ranges in Vegas, equipped with all the necessary gear, Vegas.Expert provides the best service.

Vegas Gun Range Packages

The gun range shooting package includes an instructor who will guide you throughout the process. The instructor will inform you about all the weapons and their abilities, helping you pick the ones you like. Then you will be instructed about the ways to shoot and given pointers on the best line-up to get your shot.

With all the necessary equipment and safety precautions you needn’t worry about anything. All you need to do is focus on the gun and your aim and shoot your shot.

Perks of Booking With Vegas.Expert

  • Hotel pickup and drop off included.
  • All the necessary equipment included.
  • The Vegas Gun Range packages are available multiple times throughout the day.
  • Professional expert to instruct you in the shooting range.
  • A wide selection of guns and firearms available.

With these perks available of the package there’s nothing you will lack. All our Gun Range Packages consist of the best services. Everything is taken care of by Vegas.Expert. So go ahead and put your skills to test at the Vegas gun shooting range.