Step Back In Time With This Grand Canyon Tour

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You can enjoy so many things in and around Las Vegas. There is no end to the options for fun and entertainment for every visitor. The charm of the neon lights and the vibrant atmosphere of Sin City cannot be resisted.

The great thing about Las Vegas is that you won’t be limited to the city to have fun! If you think you’ve had enough of the lights and glam head out to become a part of nature. With the Mojave Desert, Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon around, you won’t have to go too far.

But here’s an interesting fact, did you know close to Vegas is a place from where you can go back in time? You can actually experience the Old Wild West, of bygone days. Now, who wouldn’t like to try that? Being part of the ranches, the cowboys and gunslingers and saloons would be such an adventure.

Red Rock Canyon Tours

If you have read about the Wild West Experience at the Red Rock Canyon, you’ll know exactly what I mean. But, this time we will be heading further away from the city towards the Grand Canyon. You can enjoy the wealth of Mother Nature as well as be a part something wildly different than you’ve ever done before.

Grand Canyon Western Ranch Experience with Helicopter Tour

Not only will you get to take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon but you will also get to visit the exclusive Grand Canyon Western Ranch.  Get a taste of the Wild West with all the novel features of this amazing place.

This Grand Canyon Western Ranch Experience with Helicopter Tour and Optional Horseback Ride is a great pick. Head out to the natural wonder, the Grand Canyon to relax as you leave the city behind.

This incredible tour will start with a pickup from all the major hotels on the Las Vegas strip. Along the way, you will stop at the Hoover Dam, a man-made wonder that still stands strong even after 80 years under the sun. Don’t miss the photo opportunities at this marvelous feat of engineering.

Hoover Dam Tours

Enjoy the scenic views from the Lake Mead on your way to the Grand Canyon as well. As you get to the Grand Canyon Western Ranch you will feel like you’re going back in time. This Old-West style resort is situated only 10 miles away from the rim of Grand Canyon.

Things will start getting very exciting once you reach the Grand Canyon Western Ranch. You get to ride an old-fashioned wagon to the helicopter waiting to take you to the Grand Canyon. Enjoy wonderful views as you roll through the rugged desert landscape towards the helipad.

Board your helicopter and soar into the air above the Grand Canyon. It is impossible to fathom the majesty and the sheer size of the Grand Canyon unless you see it from the helicopter. Take in beautiful views on this 20-minute helicopter flight above the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Tours

As you return back to land, the cowboys will take charge of you. A western-style barbeque will be waiting for at the ranch, with plenty of other things to look forward to. Enjoy your meals with cowboys as they tell you stories about ranch life and local Native American history.

If you still haven’t had enough of the Old Western experience, you can upgrade this Grand Canyon tour! Make it better by including the 45-minute horseback ride through the rugged landscape of the Grand Canyon Western Ranch. This ride follows some parts of the historic Mormon trail and through the Joshua Tree National Park.

Grand Canyon Tours

If this does not satisfy all your Wild West dreams, nothing else will! On your Las Vegas vacation, this Grand Canyon tour is a must-try. It is an experience that you will never forget.

Grand Canyon Western Ranch

The stories of cowboys and gunfighters from the Old Wild West era have always stirred excitement and a spirit of adventure. To have a place where you can actually go to be a part of these tales, even for a while would be like a dream come true, right?

This is exactly what the Grand Canyon Western Ranch offers, a chance to live the Wild West days. It is even said that the place was once owned by a notorious 19th-century gunfighter!

With cowboy-themed décor, actual cowboys, horse-drawn carriages, wagon rides, horseback riding, and even gun ranges, there is no doubt of getting an authentic experience.

Grand Canyon Tours

The campfire and delicious meals along with some cowboy entertainment only make it better. The location of the ranch is a great factor in itself. Due to its proximity to the Grand Canyon, you can enjoy the Grand Canyon helicopter tours too.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Visiting the ultimate Grand Canyon is a must when you take a trip to Las Vegas. Only when you see this natural wonder with your own eyes you will realize how remarkable it is. This magnanimous destination can be viewed even better from a birds-eye view. This is why the Grand Canyon helicopter tours are particularly popular. We offer plenty of helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon so that you can enjoy it too.

This Grand Canyon Western Ranch with helicopter tour is special as you get to enjoy more than just the Grand Canyon. At the Grand Canyon Western Ranch, you will enjoy an authentic Wild West experience, just like in the old days.

With this tour, you will have pickup and drop off from your Las Vegas hotel and live commentary during the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. For your western experience, there will be a wagon ride, a horseback ride, lunch at the Wild West dining hall and the finest cowboy entertainment.

 When you book your Grand Canyon tour with the Vegas experts you can expect the best.  Enjoy a trip to the Grand Canyon like never before! A Wild West experience that won’t be difficult to find.

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