The Best Guide For Your Grand Canyon South Rim Trip

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You might have seen pictures of the Grand Canyon, the magnanimous natural wonder formed by the rock carving of River Colorado. But, the size of this place cannot be captured by any camera.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide, you can only imagine the sheer size of it. It has been dived into four rims and each has its own special characteristics.

On every rim, there are different points and views from each one of them are beautiful and unique. But, the most accessible and commercialized of them all is the Grand Canyon South Rim. There are plenty of options to explore at the South Rim.  

Grand Canyon South Rim Tours

Covered with lush forests of Pendosa pines and picturesque views, the South Rim is considered the jewel of Southwest America. It is the most popular Grand Canyon rim, visited by throngs of tourists every year. The fact that it is open all year round makes it easier to plan a trip here.

Grand Canyon Tours

The forests are home to plenty of local flora and fauna with gorgeous lookouts around every corner. It’s a favorite among photographers who come to capture the beauty and wilderness of this natural wonder.

There are also plenty of hiking trails so that you can explore and take a look at the canyon more closely. There are plenty of activities and sights to see here, which is why the Grand Canyon South Rim tours are so popular.

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour with Optional Upgrades

As the Grand Canyon South Rim is open all year round, you can pick this tour any time of the year. You will get to see all the amazing viewpoints and attractions of the South Rim through this Grand Canyon South Rim Tour.

Grand Canyon Tours

Though this Grand Canyon bus tour already covers quite a lot one would want to see at the South Rim, there are upgrade options too. You get to make your tour even better by choosing between different upgrade options.

Tour Itinerary:

The Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour starts with pickup from your Las Vegas hotel. Travel up to the Grand Canyon National Park in an air-conditioned, luxury motor coach, comfortable in any weather.

The journey from Las Vegas to South Rim is fully narrated with interesting facts about the places you pass. This informative journey is one of the highlights of the Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour. The drive is full of scenic locations along the way.

The first stop is Hoover Dam bypass, officially known as the Pat Tillman and Mike O’Callaghan memorial bridge. Enjoy expansive views of the Hoover Dam and its surroundings; take as many pictures as you want. If you wish to explore the Hoover Dam more closely you can look into our Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam Tours

As you head towards the Grand Canyon South Rim, you will enjoy more sights like Hoover Dam. Get a glimpse of the Mojave Desert, the Black Mountains and Grand Wash Cliffs of Arizona along the way.

As you arrive at the park, you will be given time to freshen up and have lunch at the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center. You can even buy souvenirs as a reminder of your epic Grand Canyon tour. Get energized before you start your exploration of the Grand Canyon.

This unique Grand Canyon South Rim tour will take you on a tour to see the National Geographic’s exhibits of Grand Canyon. There is also an amazing picture gallery you cannot miss out on!

Then hop on to the bus and head to Bright Angel Lodge. It is one of the original hotel destinations of the Grand Canyon South Rim. The Mather Point is also popular for gorgeous overlooks and several trails. Located conveniently near the Visitor’s Center and parking area, Mather Point is usually the first stop on the Grand Canyon South Rim tours.

Grand Canyon Tours

Take a hike from Mather Point to Bright Angel Lodge and enjoy the breathtaking views of Grand Canyon along the way. See the widest and deepest point of the Grand Canyon at over 8,400 feet deep and 21 miles across. It is thrilling as well as spectacular. There will be plenty of photo opportunities along this way.

Tour Upgrades

The Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour is a great option in itself and you can make it even better with the following upgrades. You can choose between not one, not two, but three kinds of upgrades! Sounds like a great deal to me.

IMAX Theatre Option: A movie at the Grand Canyon! Sounds pretty unbelievable right? But it’s quite true. Enjoy a screening of the Grand Canyon Discovery and Adventure with this IMAX theatre option. With footage captured from different angles through airplanes, helicopters, hang gliders and canoes you will get to see some great shots.

Helicopter Option: If the Grand Canyon looks so stunning from the lookout points on the ground, imagine how it would look from a helicopter. With this 25-minute helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, you will be able to see the full magnitude of this place. You can also try the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours if you wish to enjoy this experience in depth. Though you might have to miss out on Mather Point if you pick this upgrade.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Jeep Tour with IMAX Option: This option combines two great factors into one upgrade. A guide will pick you up at the entrance of the park for 2-hour long jeep ride along the Grand Canyon South Rim. The guide will tell you about the legends and stories surrounding the Grand Canyon as well as the history, geology, and wildlife of this natural wonder. The jeep tour will end at Grandview Point as you witness some of the most expansive and magnificent vistas. Finish up with the Grand Canyon movie screening at the IMAX theater.

Book With Vegas.Expert

Only with the Vegas experts, you can enjoy this unique Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour that includes a visit to the National Geographic Visitors Center. You will also enjoy different upgrades on this tour to enrich your Grand Canyon South Rim experience.

Enjoy included facilities like pick up and drop off from your Las Vegas hotel, lunch, a guide providing information along the way and more. Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the perfect options to explore Grand Canyon. Book your Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour with the Vegas experts to make the most of your experience.

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