The Best Guide to Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas

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40 miles away from the city of Las Vegas lies one of America’s top-rated tourist spots – the Hoover Dam. This dam is annually visited by 6 million people! It might make you wonder, what exactly is so special about this dam? This engineering marvel that is the Hoover Dam has quite a remarkable backstory. In addition to that it also offers some incredible views, great for taking pictures. There is also the visitors centre, the power plant, and the dam itself attracting people from all over America. Hoover Dam is a place that you have to make a part of your Las Vegas Trip.

History of Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the oldest dams in the US, built more than 80 years ago. As one of the earliest dams built in America, it is quite an incredible feat of mankind. To be able to build such a mammoth structure especially in times when all the necessary equipment required to build it were not available. None of the construction techniques used to build the dam had even been used or tested before. In addition to this Hoover Dam was built to be one of the few arch-gravity dams.

One of the most intriguing facts about Hoover Dam is that it is completely man-made, an endeavor that literally cost lives. In fact, the laborers working on the construction were paid according to the risk of their tasks. However, the construction of Hoover Dam brought about plenty of good.

Hoover Dam was originally built as Boulder Dam, made to prevent the flooding caused by River Colorado. It lead to the formation of Boulder City and Lake Mead! Another way that the building of Hoover Dam proved useful is, that it provided jobs to 5000 people during the Great Depression. You can only imagine how beneficial it must’ve been.

As you can see the constructing the Hoover Dam during those times was an unimaginable undertaking. All this effort turned Hoover Dam into an iconic landmark of the United States today. It definitely counts as a reason to visit the Dam. If not, well its scenic location will definitely convince you.

Hoover Dam Tours

Hoover Dam is an ideal destination for a one day trip. It is located on a short distance from the city of Vegas, offers a break from the bustling city and is a great chance to learn about one of the landmarks of America. There is actually no public transportation available from Vegas to Hoover Dam. But there are plenty of Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas available. These tours have the included pick-up and drop facility and sometimes even have complimentary meals.

Here I have listed some Hoover Dam tours to suit every type of person visiting.

Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour

With this all-inclusive tour of Hoover Dam, you will be educated on all aspects of Hoover Dam in an informative and entertaining way by professional local guides. Peruse every moment of your visit as you explore the Power plant and the Visitor Center. In addition, this ultimate Hoover Dam tour is one of the only excursions from Las Vegas that offers an exclusive 45-minute ‘Walk on the Top’ tour. You can enjoy incredible views and plenty of photo ops with this tour. And the best part is yet to come, also included in the tour is restaurant lunch and transportation from select Las Vegas hotels are included.

Hoover Dam Mini Tour

If you are short on time and still want to see Hoover Dam, we have the exact thing you will need! A mini tour that will encompass the important points of Hoover Dam for you in a short while. It is perfect for when you are either short on time or just want to experience the Hoover Dam without wasting a whole day. A perk of joining this mini tour is that it will also make your experience more personalized.

Deluxe Half-Day Hoover Dam Tour

If you don’t wish to spend your entire day or simply don’t have enough time to explore the Hoover Dam, this is a great option. Pick our ‘Deluxe Small-Group Half-Day Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas’. Spend your morning exploring this national landmark on the Colorado River. You can explore the iconic Hoover Dam from the inside out on this half-day tour. Round-trip transportation, entrance fees, and light refreshments are included in the tour package.

Hoover Dam Experience from Las Vegas

This tour is the ultimate trip from Las Vegas for you. Start from Las Vegas, through Henderson, then the historic Boulder City, past the picturesque Lake Mead, then over the top of Hoover Dam to the Arizona Lookout. Enjoy stunning views of the Lake Mead, the Mike O’Callahan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Bypass Bridge) and the entire Hoover Dam complex. Also included is a professional tour guide who will provide a full narration of this six hour adventure through the colorful natural side of the Las Vegas Valley.

Hoover Dam Tour With Lake Mead Cruise

As you tour the mighty Hoover Dam, explore its depths and the inside of it, take a walk through a 250-foot-long tunnel and see the 650-foot-long Nevada wing of the power plant. One of the best kept treasures of Hoover Dam is the sparkling Lake Mead. On this tour you can enjoy a 90-minute cruise on Lake Mead, including lunch, aboard a paddle wheeler.

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Tour

There are plenty of Hoover Dam tours included in with the Grand Canyon Tours. Hit the highway out of Las Vegas and spend the day touring both the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. This day trip includes a four-hour tour at the Grand Canyon and a visit to the Hoover Dam. Explore the marvelous sights at Hoover Dam with a guided tour.

With so many Hoover Dam Tours offering varied options for you to choose from, all you need to do is pick a date. You will find any tour that suits your needs for sure. Hoover Dam is a must-visit spot that you shouldn’t miss out on. So take a little break from the partying and gambling of Vegas and pay a visit to the almighty Hoover Dam.