The Coolest Museums in Las Vegas

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Today, Las Vegas may be known for its glitz and glamour, but don’t you ever wonder where it all started? Every city has a past and when it comes to Sin City you can expect it to be just as glamorous as the city.

Learning the history and culture of a city is the best way to experience it. The more you learn the more you will be able to understand the unique quirks of the city.

As we know Las Vegas caters to every type of vacationers with the hippest nightclubs, classy restaurants, luxurious casinos, and even museums!
Since a few of these are more popular than the others, lots of secrets of Vegas still remain mostly undiscovered.

Las Vegas Tours

These are the places you should not miss out on! Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Las Vegas through the multiple museums in the city.

 The Las Vegas Tours include everything under the sun that the tourists will enjoy. You can look forward to visiting the best museums in the city with Las Vegas Tours from Vegas experts.

Las Vegas Museum Tour

Head on a journey through the history of Las Vegas as you enjoy a day away from the casinos. Las Vegas history is one of the most interesting in the city. This Las Vegas Museum Tour will include three museums, the Clark County Museum, the Mob Museum, and the Neon Museum or National History Museum.

This guided 7-hour tour will start with pickup from selected Las Vegas hotels. First stop is the Clark County Museum, famously known as the home of “Pawn Stars” expert Mark Hall-Patton. Next is the Mob Museum, one of the most interesting places in all of Las Vegas, where you will learn the history of Mob.

The last one is either the Neon Museum or Las Vegas National History Museum, depending on the season.  The Neon Museum operates from Sept 16th – May 14th, whereas the Museum of Natural History will operate in place of The Neon Museum from May 15th – Sept 15th.

Learn about organized crime, neon signs and the Las Vegas of older days. It will be a welcome change from the usual Las Vegas itinerary.  Your Las Vegas Museum Tour will conclude with a delicious lunch with views of Freemont Street.  From over a 90-foot canopy that stretches over 1,400 feet long, high over the legendary street where Las Vegas began, sounds like the perfect end to a tour.

Clark County Heritage Museum

Spread over 30-acres, the Clark County museum depicts a very interesting story. Visit the Exhibit Hall of Las Vegas History and Heritage Street. See the collection of restored buildings from different decades in Las Vegas that have been. It’s an interesting lookout on how people lived their daily lives in those days.

There is also a ghost town with old trains and an indoor exhibit that showcases the physical timeline of Nevada from the past to present. The Clark County Museum is going to take you back in time.

The Mob Museum

The Las Vegas Mob Museum you will find a detailed history of the mob activities throughout Las Vegas as well as rest of the country. Hear the story of the infamous Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, a notorious mobster who was the driving force behind the development of the Las Vegas Strip. Equally charming and feared, he built the Flamingo Hotel but ended up paying the ultimate price for it.

Located in Downtown Las Vegas there are many other thrilling Mob stories at the Mob Museum. The displays also consist of collectibles from the original Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre wall complete with bullet holes and even the chair Albert Anastasia was assassinated in. A museum showcasing Mob history from its early days in Chicago to modern-day counterfeiters is definitely an interesting trip.

The Neon Museum

Las Vegas tours

The Neon Museum Tour Las Vegas is one of the most popular Las Vegas tours. A unique kind of a museum you will only find in Las Vegas. This outdoor museum encompasses two acres of land featuring all the iconic signs from the city’s past. There are 120 signs collected from old casinos and other places that went out of business.

These signs at the Neon Museum and Boneyard were preserved as a reminder of the golden age of Sin City. Even the visitor’s center is situated inside the rehabilitated La Concha Motel lobby which was saved from demolition in 2005. The Neon Museum has also been featured in plenty of movies and songs.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

You will know what to expect from the Natural History Museum in Las Vegas. See a tooth of the woolly Mammoth, a shark jaw bone, lifelike replicas of extinct and present-day animals. And so much interesting information all in one place.

To make things more interesting visit the “Treasures of Egypt”, which is a 4,000-square-foot exhibit consisting of replicas of Egyptian artifacts. The main attractions are the famous King Tut’s golden throne, shrine, and chariots.

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The most underrated of our Las Vegas tours is the Las Vegas museum tour. Visitors miss out on this ultimate experience without realizing how amazing it is. Make sure you book your Las Vegas museum tour on your Vegas trip!

This guided tour of museums offers a great opportunity to dive into the history and culture of Las Vegas. With an hour-long visit to all three museums, there is much you will learn. If you love visiting the Museums of Las Vegas, don’t miss the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Make your Vegas vacation worthwhile with this Las Vegas tour from the Vegas experts.

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