The Right Way To Do Fourth of July In Las Vegas

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With Fourth of July around the corner most of you already might’ve made big plans. You will probably head out to a nearby park or a barbeque party to check out the fireworks. Or head to the big cities to be a part of their grand Independence Day Celebrations. That’s your plan, right? Well it is also most of America’s plan. The same celebrations every year can get a little monotonous, everybody needs some change. So how about this year you make change in your Fourth of July plans. There are so many fun options available, to make your Fourth of July more memorable than ever before.

Usually, travel for Fourth of July means heading to one of the big cities with all the fancy celebrations. Cities like New York, Washington DC, Boston, etc. are popular spots for Fourth of July celebrations. With the magnificent fireworks and great Independence Day Parades they are the obvious choice. But we all know how hectic it can be making it to the city during this period. So stray away from that usual path, celebrate your Fourth of July in a unique place this year.

Not a lot of people can say that they have spent their Fourth of July in Las Vegas. It is indeed an amazing place to celebrate Independence Day. It has the big fireworks and amazing parties, like any of the other cities. There is no place better for celebration than Las Vegas. So this Fourth of July hop in your car and head out to Vegas to celebrate like never before.

Fourth Of July 2019

This year the Independence Day falls on a Thursday. You know what that means? That’s right, a long weekend! And that means plenty of time to chill and enjoy all the attractions along with the Fourth of Jul celebrations. Just because you are there for a particular thing doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything else Vegas has to offer. No one can resist the allure of Sin City.

Here are some activities you can enjoy in Vegas during the long Fourth of July weekend.

Fourth of July Events

Nobody does parties like Las Vegas. None of the people, clubs or hotels of Vegas leave any stone unturned when it comes to party planning and celebrations. You will have plenty to look forward when you go to celebrate the Fourth of July in Las Vegas.


Vegas has one of the biggest fireworks display for the Fourth of July, in the whole country.  The entire valley is lit up with the magnificent and colorful fireworks. Take in the massive fireworks show from Caesar’s Palace. There are plenty of viewing areas like Garden of the Gods pool deck or any of the neighboring resorts, the Spanish Steps and the areas near the front entrance of Caesars Palace. There are endless number of places you can enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations on the Las Vegas Strip.

There is only one place to catch the Downtown fireworks show, it’s the Plaza hotel. It is located at the far west end of the Fremont Street Experience. You will definitely enjoy the show with fireworks shooting off from multiple towers. Guests can hang out with their drinks enjoying other activities alongside. A few other places which put up spectacular fireworks shows are Cowabunga Bay, Mandalay Bay and the fireworks at Station Casinos. These are among the best places to enjoy Fourth of July fireworks in Las Vegas. Fireworks are only one part of the celebrations. You can enjoy various fun parties, DJs, lawn games, barbeques, hot-dog eating contests and more.

Pool Parties

Parties are pretty much synonymous to Las Vegas. When in Vegas you do not even need an occasion to party. But when you do have an occasion, the parties get even crazier. You will plenty of party options in Las Vegas, including club crawls and party buses. Party during the day or party during the night, in Vegas it’s all possible. Hop on a party bus and spend the night dancing away as you roll through the city.

The Fourth of July is one of the hottest days in Vegas. Which can mean only one thing, Pool Parties! Use this Fourth of July as a great excuse to slip into that cute swimsuit and beat the heat at one of the amazing pool parties of Vegas. You can also enjoy the fireworks display while at the pool party. Won’t that be an epic way to spend the Fourth of July?

Here are few places to enjoy those awesome Fourth of July pool parties – the Garden of Gods Pool at Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo GO Pool at Flamingo, Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas, etc. Pick one on the party packages to keep the party celebrations going!

Check Out Las Vegas

Just because you are Las Vegas for Fourth of July celebrations doesn’t mean you can’t tour the city while you’re visiting. After all, it is a long weekend. Explore all the amazing points in the city with the Las Vegas Tours. Hop on one of the Big Bus Tours and check out all the exciting sights in the city at your own pace. You can also catch one of the numerous entertainment shows in the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. Though remember to book your shows beforehand so you won’t be left disappointed in the end.

You can also visit the nearby sightseeing spots like the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon to make your journey more convenient. Not only will you get stunning aerial views of the Grand Canyon and Lake Colorado but you will get to enjoy a private picnic inside the Canyon! You will also save up a lot of traveling time with the exciting helicopter ride. Pick any one of the incredible Grand Canyon Tours and set off.

If you’ve had enough of partying, head to the Red Rock Canyon to relax in the midst of nature. Pick out an adventure activity of your choice, you can go cycling, hiking or even climbing at the Red Rock Canyon. There are numerous trails to serve your purpose. Enjoy a relaxing trip at this natural haven situated only 15 miles from Las Vegas, with our Red Rock Canyon Tours.

This Fourth of July is an opportunity to experience the magic of Vegas celebrations. It is also a chance to party at the best party destination in America! So pack your bags and get to Vegas to enjoy a colorful and lively Fourth of July at the biggest and baddest celebrations in the United States.