The Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour

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Situated only 30 miles away from the city of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is perfect for a one-day trip. Even though it was built in the 1930s, the Hoover Dam attracts millions of visitors each year even today. The reason for this being the historic importance of Hoover Dam and of course – its scenic location.

Built during the Great Depression, it was not an easy endeavor to undertake the construction of such a large dam during those times. The methods to build this unique arch-gravity dam were new and untested. But the Hoover Dam was built in spite of all the difficulties the construction of Hoover Dam was completed 2 years ahead of its schedule.

It is no surprise that this engineering marvel of America is such a popular destination amongst tourists. There are plenty of things you can learn about the construction of Hoover Dam and its uses in today’s world. The scenic views of Lake Mead and River Colorado will make your trip even better.

The Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour

In this all-inclusive trip from Vegas.Expert you will get to explore Hoover Dam as well as you can. Below I have mentioned a few highlights of the Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour –

  • A knowledgeable local guide will keep you engaged with the history and mechanics of the dam, throughout the tour.
  •  Check out the interesting exhibits and displays of the Visitor Center.
  • The thorough Powerplant tour will take you down into the walls of the Black Canyon.
  • The best feature of this tour is the “Walk on the Top” tour, a unique feature only provided on this Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour. You will enjoy a guided tour where you can see the spillway.

Why You Should Pick This Tour

With this tour you will be able to learn in-depth about the workings of the Hoover Dam, like never before. The tour will cover every aspect of the Hoover Dam including the visitor center, the Powerplant, and even the “Walk on the Top” tour. This ultimate tour will make the time spent at Hoover Dam worth it. This masterpiece of American landmarks is a great place to visit any day. Though there are no public transportation facilities to visit the Hoover Dam. But with great tours that offer all required services including transportation and food, you don’t really need anything else!

At Vegas.Expert, we take care of each and every need of our customers. We like to make sure that every aspect of the trip is planned out properly to ensure customer satisfaction. With this Hoover Dam Tour, you will also receive additional perks to make your trip more comfortable. There is a pick-up and drop service included in the tour, especially from any of the places on the Las Vegas Strip. You will also receive lunch from selected Vegas hotels. The transportation to the Hoover Dam will be air-conditioned, for a relaxing trip to and back from the dam.

Tips To Remember While Visiting Hoover Dam

  • It can be quite hot in this region so remember to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to do a lot of walking around during the tours.
  • Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • There are concessions stands available if you wish to buy any additional food or drinks.
  • The interior tour is not recommended for people that suffer from claustrophobia.
  • It is best to visit Hoover Dam during the early morning to avoid the desert heat, especially during summers.
  • With early morning tours, you can also avoid a lot of crowds.