We all agree that Las Vegas is one of the world's best party destinations. There is nothing you can't do in Vegas, nothing to stop you from having the best time ever! But the partying will end at some point. Or you could just want a break from the constant hustle-bustle of Sin City. At this point you can hop on a ride to the Red Rock Canyon, located only 25 miles from the city. The Red Rock Canyon Conservational Area is the perfect nature's retreat with ample opportunities for adventure activities.
Located so close to Vegas you can see it from some of the buildings in the city. It is quite unbelievable such a place exists so close to the party capital of USA. The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam already set great examples that there is more to the state of Nevada than Vegas. The Red Rock Canyon is full outstanding things to see like the rock formations in multitude of red and brown hues, a network of narrow canyons, natural springs and seasonal waterfalls and the petroglyphs. The landscape offers the chance for activities like hiking, biking and rock climbing. These activities will definitely provide a welcome respite from the crazy lifestyle of Vegas.

Things To Do At The Red Rock Canyon

Take A Scenic Drive

This might just be the best part of your visit. The Red Rock Canyon Conservation Park has a proper road that takes you all the way around the park through the undulating hills and back to the entrance. You will not regret taking a drive through this park which offers the most scenic views of the park. You will have the freedom to stop at plenty of places to explore and as many pictures as you want.

Go Rock Climbing

If you are a rock climbing enthusiast you will definitely love the challenge offered by Keystone Thrust. Conquering the 3000 ft. tall red sandstone walls of Keystone Thrust will truly add a feather to your hat.

Take A Hike

It would be crazy to go to the Red Rock Canyon National Park and not take a hike through rugged terrain of the Park. There are a few hiking trails in the park, pick your favorite and get started. Not only is it a get workout, but you will also be treated to stunning views of the red sandstone rocks and limestone mountains. A hike will leave you feeling refreshed for sure.

Check Out The Petroglyphs

This is one of the most interesting parts of the Red Rock Canyon National Park. Petroglyphs are basically art associated with pre-historic people, where they used to pick and carve the stone to create images. The petroglyphs at Red Rock Canyon National Park are considered to be at least 800 years old and are an interesting sight.

Try Out The Mustang Trail

This one is for the mountain bikers. The Mustang Trail has the perfect conditions for mountain biking while catching the gorgeous views of the Red Rock Canyon National Park.

The Calico Hills

This is probably the first place you should stop at in the National Park. It's a great place to start at for beginners as well as a nice spot to grab some peaceful time. You will also find old agave roasting pits from Native American history along the Calico Tanks Trail. The Calico Hills are undoubtedly the most famous spot in the park, which you can access via a hiking trail.

Red Rock Canyon Tours With Vegas.Expert

There is so much to explore at the Red Rock Canyon, which is exactly what you can do with plenty of tour options we provide. Escape the chaos of the Strip and casinos and take a tour of the stunning Red Rock Canyon. Explore the multi-colored sandstone formations, petroglyphs and the gorgeous scenery with a self-guided e-bike tour. With no one to tell you where to go or what to do, you will be able to enjoy in completely in your own company.
To make it more fun for you we also have a horseback ride tour on a winding trail through the narrows on the Red Rock Canyon floor with experienced wranglers. Watch out for wild burros, jackrabbits and desert lizards along the trail while you ride through the park. End your day with a gathering around the campfire for a true western barbeque meal.
Always dreamt of having a destination wedding? Here's your chance. Say 'I Do' surrounded by the amazing mystical scene of Red Rock Canyon. Discover the beauty of this place as you celebrate your special day. Have a wonderful time with your loved one at the Red Rock Canyon.
On picking the helicopter ride from Las Vegas you will get amazing views of the Red Rock National Conversational Area. This aerial view will encompass the whole area and offer great sights of the Mojave Desert, the red colored rock formations and the surrounding hills.

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